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You Say Potato…

Posted by on January 18, 2012

Here are goofy tidbits from our week. You’re welcome to laugh alongside us…

The other night, I was telling a story to a friend:

Me: Eww. I hate centipedes. Once, I was at my parents house and was using the bathroom in the basement and a centipede had gotten stuck in a Dixie cup and died and dried up. I could have brushed my teeth with water from a cup that had a dried up centipede in it!!
Friend: (look of confusion) What’s a “dixie” cup?
Me: What? Seriously? It’s a cup..made by Dixie…maybe this is an American thing. But the focus was the centipede. The DEAD centipede!

Later our friends were showing us baby clothes they had bought for a friend’s baby.

Me: Awww so cute!
Varun: Cool. Cool. (Reading the name printed on the shirt:) Calvin Klein (pronounced “clean”).
Me. Oh, actually we usually say,”Kline”…
Varun: Haha, well in India we say, “Clean”. So…
Me: Hmm…well there are 1.2 billion Indians. So we’ll go with that.

This morning, I looked out the window and saw it was snowing quite furiously.
Me: Bariif hai. Bareef….bir…? (I was attempting to say “It’s snowing” in Hindi)
Varun: (silence)
Me: Dekho! (Look!) Bareef? It’s the cold, white stuff. What are the kids calling it these days?…And I don’t mean crystal meth.
Varun: (walks to the window and looks completely shocked) OH! SNOW!
Me: BAHAHAHHA. Wait. Seriously. Were you a) confused as to what i was talking about b) answering my question as to the meaning of “bareef” or c) just really wanted to say “Snow”?

Varun: Oh, definitely C.

2 Responses to You Say Potato…

  1. Karen

    I laughed out loud at the third tidbit
    I’ve never actually said it’s snowing in Hindi…first time I saw snow was here in Canada…but isn’t baraf ice?

  2. Team Oyeniyi

    One thing I don’t have to worry about is the Yoruba word for snow – I don’t think there is one! 😆

    Oh, words! I wrote about the language stuff and replied to a comment in a perfectly (to me) innocent way, then the next time an old friend from Nigeria was speaking to John he asked him “What sort of English do they speak in Australia?” Having not been out of Nigeria, he didn’t realise there are vast differences!

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