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Words Are Funny Things

Posted by on September 19, 2010

Here’s your chance to eavesdrop on our conversations.

Me: No. I wouldn’t say my hair is brown. Maybe…dirty blonde?
Varun: “Dirty blonde”? That sounds so bad. How about…sophisticated brown?
(I guess some idioms aren’t taught)

Me: (Reading a note that could have Hindi or English) What’s a “boon”?
Varun: A boon? A blessing or benefit.
Me: Oh.
Varun: (Giggling) You don’t know that? It’s an english word. Check and see if I’m right.
(He was)
Varun: Wow! I knew something in English that you didn’t; this happens so rarely!

One Response to Words Are Funny Things

  1. Julie Anne

    haha – this one is great.

    Re: your hair.
    I’ve always thought of your hair as a sun-streaked brown, but the line between that and dirty blonde is a fine one. I’ve always thought that ‘dirty blonde’ was a crude description of lovely hair, so I have to agree with Varun on this one.

    Re: boon.
    Hilarious! I often get boon and bane switched in my head. Just remember that boon comes from the French bon and the Latin bonus and you’ll be golden! ooooooh… maybe we can call your hair a Golden Brown?

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