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When In-Laws Come to Visit

Posted by on May 15, 2012

We had a whirlwind weekend (week? life is disorienting me these days) with Varun’s parents. They came from India for Vasudha’s graduation and to visit us in Canada. It was a unique experience of blending our families, experiencing cultural differences and deepening our relationships. We had a great time reconnecting, seeing the sights, sharing our life in Ontario and eating y.u.m.m.y. food. (Also, Varun’s Mom showed me how to make roti and a new recipe for daal. There will be much cooking of Indian food in the weeks to come….)

It all started with Vasudha’s graduation from Pratt University last Wednesday. Picture a family reunion on the streets of Manhattan at rush hour: that’s about the size of it. [Congrats, (Master) Vasudha!]

We had the supreme privilege of seeing Vasudha’s work displayed. Inspired by the vibrant colours and diversity of India, she creates graphics that are beautiful, pithy and detailed.

On the drive to Ontario, we stopped by Niagara falls. (Both sides.) No matter how many times we visit, I’m continually amazed by its beauty and power. The many questions my in-laws posed seriously tested my geographical and historical knowledge. I mean really, who knows if Lake Erie or Lake Ontario is at a higher elevation? (I do, one atlas later).

Varun and I got to be tourists in Toronto, something we haven’t done much. We love Love LOVED the Distillery District: brick buildings, history, fun shops, beer and chocolate. What’s not to love?!

(Thanks for the suggestion, Beth!)

This is the bridge that Varun has spent the past few weeks working on. Crazy to think of the hours he used to spend in the UBC lab…and now his calculus and physics skills allow Mac trucks to drive over bridges.

Enjoying the Bayfront in Hamilton. (It only took us 7 months of living there to find it.)

Travel and jetlag aside, we had a very enjoyable time together. And we’ve got an ever growing list of fun things to do next time Varun’s parents come to visit…

4 Responses to When In-Laws Come to Visit

  1. mielbee

    I love how your home has those low bed-like couches! Is it India-inspired? yay for incorporating it into your home,

    • Amelia

      Thanks!! The couch is actually an unfolded futon. But the pillows and blankets are brought from India from my Mother In Law.

  2. Tim Chan

    we love roti! looking forward to seeing that recipe

  3. Team Oyeniyi

    I love roti too!! Definitely want to see the recipe!

    Great photos and I’m glad you all had a wonderful time!

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