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What We’ve Been Laughing About

Posted by on April 25, 2013

I’m a firm believer in laughter. Varun and I take great joy in laughing at with each other over cultural and linguistic confusions. Here’s what we’ve been laughing about this week…

Me: Oh, that reminds me of this movie I used to watch as a kid, Bambi.

Varun: Barbie?

Me: No, Bambi. It’s about this little deer, and his mom gets shot–

Varun: What?!

Me: Um. Wait. No, the forest burns down..and then his mom gets shot?–

Varun: ????

Me: No, there’s more. There’s something happy….

Varun: You have very strange children’s movies.

Bambi screen1

See, doesn’t this look like a happy kid’s movie?!


In other news, when we got married I found a shirt in Varun’s clothing collection that raised several questions. I tried to explain why it’s an exercise/sleeping-only-shirt. The other day, I noticed Varun was wearing it before our prayer meeting. I mentioned that *maybe* he would want to throw on something else. He laughed and said, “Let’s see if they notice!”

Would you believe that they did, in fact, notice?

Mid-way through a prayer request, our friend A asked, “WHAT is going on with your shirt?” (Or something to that effect. We were laughing too hard to remember his words).

Varun looked at his shirt nonchalantly and said, “Oh. I got it at my bachelor party. I wore it a bunch to church and stuff before Amelia explained it to me”.

Oh. Dear.

cougar bait

(In case, like Varun, you’re unfamiliar with this phrase….A  cougar is an older woman who pursues younger men)

Thoughts? I love hearing from you!