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What On Earth Is A Cornucopia?

Posted by on February 21, 2013

It’s been a while since I shared a confusing conversation, but that doesn’t mean they don’t happen; trust me–they do.

This past weekend, we were at a conference that a lot of our friends also attended. During our break, I was chatting with an Egyptian friend who has lived in Canada for several years.

Friend: What’s a “cornucopia”?

Me: Oh, it’s…you see it at Thanksgiving. It’s that long brown thing (waving hands) that they fill with gourds and pumpkins and corn.

Friend: So it’s a fruit basket?

Me: Noooo–

Friend: C’mon, I’m ESL. Help me out. (Varun walks up). Varun, do you know what a cornucopia is?

Varun: What’s a what?

Me: A cornucopia.

Varun: A dog?

Me: No, it’s this thing that–

Friend: You’re making this very complicated. Is it even a real thing?


Me: No! It’s real! (Grabbing Friend 2 who walked by) Hey! Can you back me up? What’s a cornucopia?

Friend 2: Ummm….(runs away)

Friend: I think you’re making this up. Varun, she’s just trying to use big words because we’re ESL.

(They laugh uncontrollably)

AA026313Turns out, if I had remembered my Latin, I would have been able to recall that “cornucopia” means ‘horn of plenty’. So yes, Friend, it is basically a fruit basket.

3 Responses to What On Earth Is A Cornucopia?

  1. NPARI

    Wow, never seen or heard of a ‘cornucopia’ before!

  2. Patrick

    I would point out the giant cornucopia in The Hunger Games from which contestants could get everything they might need.

    • Amelia

      Nice work, Dad. Way to be up on your pop culture! So I guess that’s more of a fruit/weapon/camping gear basket?

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