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What Indians Do at Night

Posted by on July 1, 2010

Once, Varun was sleeping over at a friend’s house with another friend. J, the host, generously offered to sleep on the floor and give Varun and D the bed.  As they were preparing for bed, D, confessed he hadn’t shared a bed before.

Varun: OoooOooh buddy! You’re lucky! You have no idea what Indians do at night.

D: (Uncertain and slightly afraid) Ummm…what do Indians do at night?

Varun: Hehehehe.

I’m not sure that D ever got a conclusive response. But after sleeping in the same bed as my Indian for one year and one week, I have learned that this Indian does the following at night:

1. Snore

2. Steal the covers (Apparently growing up in a climate whose heat ranges from 45 degrees C to Unbearable gives one certain expectations about warmth. Sleeping entombed in a down queen-sized blanket is one of those expectations.)

3. Interrupt my dreams by interrogating me while I sleep talk (…That’s a future blog post)

4. Receive calls from India at 2 am (“HELLO MUMMYJI!…WHAT?!… CONNECTION BAD HAI!”)

5. Sleep-talk in Hindi (On our wedding night Varun sat up and began yelling in Hindi in his sleep. Needless to say I was quite worried/confused and wondered if this was, indeed, what Indians do at night. Thankfully, it was a one-time occurrence. What did he say? I’m still not sure, although theories range from, “What have I just committed to?!” to “Is she always going to fight me for the covers?!”)

Enough blogging. I’m going to take a nap while I can.

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