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“Well, I Guess We’re Not in Kansas Any More”

Posted by on July 11, 2011

As Varun and I looked out of the tiny airplane window as we touched down at Pearson Airport, we laughed at the obviousness of this statement.

Canada. Home (nearly).

So different from India.

No matter how many times I return to North America from overseas, it always takes a few days for my eyes to adjust. I call it Reverse Culture Shock.

I am astonished that nearly every green space and blade of grass in the Greater Toronto Area is trimmed, planted and cared for regularly.
I miss drinking 4 cups of chai a day.
I am thankful to not receive stares.
I find Air Conditioning here too cold!
I am amazed at the abundance and wealth.
I am unsure which side of the road to drive on (just kidding. kind of).
I miss spending time with family.
I love walking down the sidewalk unafraid of cow/dog/other dung.

I am currently restocking our refrigerator, unpacking, editing photos and taking a week long intensive course. I have so many photos and stories to share! But first, I’ve got to catch my breath.

Here’s a sneak peek:

3 Responses to “Well, I Guess We’re Not in Kansas Any More”

  1. Lindsay

    Welcome back!

    Why are the women in the photo getting into a Police truck?

    • Amelia Rana

      No idea! But kudos on being the first to notice that…I was wondering who it would be 😉

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