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Want Some Chai?

Posted by on July 19, 2013

Varun, it seems, will go to great lengths for a cup of chai. Or so I learned last week. Varun and some friends had gone camping for the weekend and I was secretly wondering if they had packed enough, were they eating anything other than chips…the usual. Of course, I was quite intrigued by Varun’s text which read, “Want some chai?”

As I waited for the picture to download, I wondered how they were preparing chai.

In Varun’s rush to pack, he had declined our strainer, tea leaves and chai spices. Since there were 3 Indian friends there as well, I imagined that perhaps one of them had brought the ingredients and accoutrements.

And then I saw this.


That, my friends, is a sock, filled with chai, with two sticks creating an opening. The guys drank chai strained through a sock.

Manping. This is the only word that describes this situation. Manping is when men go camping. They pack minimal equipment, less underwear and an even smaller amount of shower/cleaning supplies. When they realize they didn’t bring sunscreen, they tough it, returning home sunburned and feeling tough.

And you know what? As our three Indian friends hauled sleeping bags and coolers in from the car they were beaming. This, they reported, was their best experience in Canada. So, want some chai?

8 Responses to Want Some Chai?

  1. Patrick

    We all need to know: clean or dirty?

  2. Raina

    I second Patrick- was the sock clean?

    I love the creativity! Can’t keep an Indian far from tea (or coffee, in South India). Considering I am Indian myself and have to have a cuppa in the morning (and evening, and whenever I get a chance to), my husband (American) has perfected the art and now makes me ginger chai every morning. Yay for awesome husbands.

  3. gullchasedship

    I’m thrilled that he took them camping – I was thinking that would be a great experience for them when I met them!

  4. American Punjaban PI

    Lol. I was laughing so hard when I saw that picture. Only a man would think of something like that!

  5. mc

    The photo made me crack up. How brilliant! A sock!! I love it.

  6. Ecylla

    Lol showed this to my Indian man and his only response was chiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Sock chai is not for him

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