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Posted by on May 4, 2011

As I mentioned in a previous post, sometimes easy questions trip me up. Like today, when I was at the launch of a magazine which includes a few articles I’ve written. I met the President of the Seminary and he asked me what program I’m in.

Me: I’m doing an MDiv. But I’m hoping to transfer into MDiv Clinical Counselling.
President: That’s nice. And where are you from?
Me: Um. Well. (Pause) I think–I’m American.
President: (Eyebrows raised) You think you’re American? Because here in Canada that makes a biiiiig difference! (Chuckles loudly)
Me: Ha. Yeah. I am. Yup. I’m American.

(In my defense: (If I can make one)I was confused because I wasn’t sure if he meant where did I live before? Vancouver. Where did I go to University? Montreal. Where did I grow up? America. All very different places to very different questions)

He later introduced me as “The young lady who “thinks” she’s American”. Someone mentioned that maybe I was confused because I’m a third culture kid (I’m not). I indicated that I’m not.

President: Well, did you live in the USA your whole life?
Me: Well yes. Until I moved. Then I spent the other part of my life in Canada.
President: (Uproarious laughter)

Did I mean to be sassy? No. Am I genuinely confused when people ask me life questions? Yes.

4 Responses to Ummm….

  1. Michelle

    Like 🙂

  2. Beth

    I feel sympathy for you. I also laughed at you.

    I LOVE you.

  3. Team Oyeniyi

    I laughed too! I’m Australian – I think! I was born in New Zealand, of an Australian mother. I have a New Zealand passport. I am an Australian citizen and have an Australian passport as well. Like you, I’m married to a man from a different place altogether!

    If someone asks me, I do say I am Australian. But I feel connected to all three countries.

  4. Madiken

    Oh mannnn. I feel this way all the time! It’s ridiculous. Don’t know where I belong anymore!

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