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Tuesday is the New Monday

Posted by on January 3, 2012

I realized this morning it’s not Christmas Break anymore. In the States, yesterday was a Federal holiday, so I could skip being responsible on Monday. But today, it seems, is Time To Get Serious Day. My brothers and I sat at the dining room table answering long-forgotten emails, drinking hot chocolate and registering for classes.

Unfortunately, with Varun in India, I don’t have goofy stories to share. Except to say that my family and I are unable to beat Pandemic, our favorite cooperative board game. Yesterday, I came to the startling realization that perhaps I have no skill and it was Varun’s suggestions that won every game I’ve played with him! Oh dear.

In other news, while I’m in the States I’m taking the opportunity to enjoy all of my favorite Philadelphia/American foods.

Let’s talk about Cheesesteak. It’s a simple, really. Chopped up steak draped in American cheese and put into a fresh hoagie roll. Enjoyed with fries and ketchup. Somehow though, you just can’t find a good cheesesteak outside of Philly. (Varun once made the mistake of ordering one at Subway in Ontario and incredulously told me, “I thought it would taste the same. I was so wrong!”).

“With or without?” To many, this question is meaningless and confusing. To those of us born and raised in the Tri-State area, this is a crucial cheesesteak question: with onions and peppers or without? For me, it’s got to be filled with ’em. (In case you ever feel the need to buy me one 😉 )

Anyway. If you’re in Philly, find a greasy-looking pizza parlor named something like “Sal’s” or “Joey’s”, grab a plastic tray and enjoy!

Speaking of fries. Is it cheating that I’m still debating whether to make New Year’s Resolutions? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for them. In fact, I wrote this article last month about how to successfully complete a resolution. I know this is the time of year to get going and I’m running out of time to decide. So, have you made New Year’s Resolutions? Have you ever kept one all year? (Do you hate them as much as my younger brother does?)


If you haven’t already, check out my post about my experience in an intercultural marriage on Rage Against the Minivan. I am super excited to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and experience on Kristen’s site.

4 Responses to Tuesday is the New Monday

  1. Karen

    Varun’s in India?? I didn’t know he was going?? When you guys coming back here?

  2. Lisa

    Its not cheating to still think about resolutions. I don’t think about them much until Jan 1 or later when I get all reflective on the fact that a new year has sprung.

  3. Team Oyeniyi

    I’m still recovering from the concept of steak mixed with cheese…………..

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