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The Wrong EmPHAsis on the Wrong SylLabel

Posted by on July 1, 2011

Varun: Um, why does the cheese say “rape”?
Me: HUH? What? (Examines conatainer) Oooh. Rah-PAY. It’s Italian, I think it means grated.
Varun: I like mur-DURRR!
Me: Um. What?
Varun: Just because you change the way you say it doesn’t make it good.

Interesting point.

Reminds me of this 2003 gem, View from the Top.

The quote referenced is at the very end (1:27). Not that I’ve ever seen such a lame movie. Errhm…

One Response to The Wrong EmPHAsis on the Wrong SylLabel

  1. John Rafferty

    “Well they don’t make breakin’ up cards.” ahahahhaaaaa. so true.

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