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The Time We Survived Camping

Posted by on June 19, 2013

Armed with a tub of Nutella, camping gear and excellent reader suggestions, Varun and I embarked on our First Ever Camping Trip By Ourselves. Other than a hint of sunburn and one mildly damp sleeping bag, the weekend was disaster-free.

Our first objective upon reaching the campsite was to hang the tarp. Between comments from readers and the 90% chance of precipitation, we were highly concerned about rain. There was no small amount of discussion about whether the tarp should be over the tent or the picnic table (Some people (me) thought dry eating surfaces were of supreme importance). We compromised by putting it over half of our tent with room for the picnic table should the need arise. This seemed reasonable. (Once it began raining we picked dry sleeping bags over dry eating surfaces.)


Thankfully, Varun made sure to ‘angle the tarp to create a conduit’. In other words, the puddle of rain water that collected during the night didn’t come cascading into our tent at 3 am. This puddle filled and dumped periodically throughout the night. A very romantic cadence. I’ll admit, when I heard the first deluge I thought a bear was peeing outside of our tent.


Per some sage reader advice, I pre-chopped most of our veggies, marinated the tandoori chicken en avance and even made hobo packs of sausage, yellow peppers, mushrooms and onions.



Don’t be confused: we do not eat this well on a regular basis.


Just like Little House on the Prairie.

From the looks of these pictures, Varun did all the work. You might think I just took pictures and gave ‘advice’. You would be partially right.

We spent the days relaxing on the beach, playing bocce ball, walking the trails, spending time with God and even listened to part of a book on tape.


Varun spent one afternoon building an epic sandcastle. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to complete it before a massive thunderstorm rolled in. For this reason, I’m not allowed to show the pictures of the unfinished masterpiece. When I took this photo the day had gone from bright to dark, with thunder rumbling across Lake Huron. Beach-goers were fleeing but Varun was intent on finishing his sandcastle.


I would like to entitle this, Building While Rome Burns.

This was probably our most enjoyable anniversary yet. We’re both energetic people so I think camping was a pleasant way of unwinding and still being active. We had no cell phone reception, no internet and three days to look into each others eyes and eat ice cream. (Of course, the gorgeous scenery and quiet woods helped too.)


It turns out, with a little help from our Interweb friends, we can muster the necessary survival skills to go camping.


P.S. Thanks for all of your tips and encouragement! When we go camping Canada Day weekend, we’ll be sure to try more of the recipes y’all shared!

5 Responses to The Time We Survived Camping

  1. zecucumber

    Looks like great fun! Congrats on 3 years you two!

    • Amelia

      Thanks, Steve! Believe it or not, it’s been four years!

  2. Raina

    That food looks delicious. Reading your experience, I am tempted to give camping another try- this time with my husband and four year old.

  3. Patrick

    Ice cream? Where’d you get ice cream?

    • Amelia

      Oh at the canoe rental shop. Peanut butter chocolate every time!

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