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The Roads of India

Posted by on July 14, 2011

So proud of my brother Luke for making this amazing video!

Special thanks to Varun’s Mom and Papa for letting us attach a camera to the roof rack AND stop every 20 minutes to reset the video!

15 Responses to The Roads of India

  1. Mindy

    Wow, that’s really cool! Good job, Luke.

    I’m always amazed and surprised at the scenery in India. I keep thinking India should be like Aladdin… Sorry I’m so ignorant…

    • Amelia

      Aladdin! Hehe. Not a bad thought though, I think a few places in India look like Aladdin. Personally, I was imagining the Jungle Book….

  2. Peggy

    Very cool! I think I would’ve gotten nauseous on the ride. 🙂

    • Amelia

      You’re not alone there, Peggy! We passed about 3 people puking and Luke and Varun kept trading for the front seat so they didn’t get sick…. 😉

  3. kusum rana

    wow ….most amazing video !……mind blowing…!!!
    back ground music….happens to be my favourite song .
    you are great… luke !,,,i think u r d first one to take video of shimla—chandigarh .
    u deserve an award 4 it . CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!

  4. Sarah

    Very well done, Luke! You are so talented. Although, I can already hear mom saying, “Oh, I’m getting nauseous! I can’t watch this! I’m going to fold laundry/go to bed!”

    It’s amazing how the windy steep road at the beginning reminds me of some of the winding roads in Hawaii and the curvy mountain roads with the steep drop off and lush greenery reminded me of summer in Lake Tahoe.

    Also, it was hilarious to see you guys pass an ambulance, try to pass so many people a million times and when that truck finally pulled over and the driver got out, did he give you the finger?!

    Nice how when you finally get to highways, there are stoplights at random intervals.

    You need to buy him an “I brake for cows” bumper sticker!

    • Amelia

      Good call Sarah, from Luke’s report, that’s what she said!

      Luke and I kept telling Varun, “This is JUST like Hawaii’s scenery!”. Great minds 😉

      I highly doubt we were given the finger, that’s not a normal gesture…at what point in the video did you see that? I’m so curious, lol. Passing people like that is totally normal…over there.

      Also: i <3 your bumper sticker idea!!!!! Good eyes!

      • Sarah

        Okay, I went back and looked more closely–you’re right, he doesn’t–but he just stands there and stares at you guys! You start following him at 4:44 and he stops and gets out at 5:01-5:02.

        Also, I meant to say that if Luke does this when he visits me, it’s going to be pretty boring–ballet to soccer practice to school and back, round and round we go!

  5. Team Oyeniyi

    I think I felt car sick by about 1 minute 33 seconds! 😆 Very well done. Looks so green!

  6. Vicky

    LOVE! the scenery reminds me of driving through Taiwan’s mountains.

  7. Bernice

    I totally thought of road to Hana while watching this! or a little of rural Yunnan, China with the crazy traffic passing on super narrow roads. either way, beautiful!

  8. kusum rana

    WHAT AN OBSERVATION….!!!!!…..sarah….
    ….pass an ambulance… husband did apologise for wrong overtaking…by d driver.
    when we again happened to come side by side at d next traffic jam .
    my husband too is impressed by ur observation….
    he told me to tell u that….he did say SORRY….!
    ask luke and amelia… people thronged around us….to help wen we met wid an accident on d highway .

  9. John Rafferty

    So this is not viewable by people in Ecuador. Shame, I would have loved to see it!

    • Amelia

      Oh that’s too bad. Watch it when you return. Also, wordpress thought you were spamming me; for some reason, it really doesn’t like you! (But i do)

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