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The Perils of Life in the Great White North

Posted by on March 1, 2011

One of the joys of intercultural marriage is learning all kinds of new skills. For me, this usually involves failing in a cooking venture or embarrassing attempts at speaking Hindi. Varun’s newly acquired skill is, I think, a prerequisite for getting Canadian citizenship: Ice Skating.

Growing up in India, Varun didn’t learn how to ice skate. Even during his first 4 years in Canada, he never tried it. Not until his girlfriend (ie, me) forced him to try. When we first started dating, Varun and I went ice skating with a bunch of my friends in Montreal’s Old Port outdoor rink. Varun managed to keep his cool while slipping and trying to keep his balance.

Me: How do you like ice skating?
Varun: It’s like kicking baby seals.
(We’re still trying to figure out what that means)

Varun's First Ice Skating Experience

For a few years, we lived in BC and didn’t happen upon any ice. But, moving to Ontario has brought back what for Varun, is a somewhat dreaded activity. A few weekends ago, we went with some friends to their cabin up north. The lake was frozen, so we shoveled the ice and made a rink. It took a long time to shovel what was, by conservative estimates, 450 cubic feet of snow!

Varun used our ice rink for making snow angels

This weekend, our Church had a family ice skating event. Nearly everyone at Church asked two questions: 1. if we were going, and 2. if Varun knew how to skate. (I can’t imagine what would make them ask that). Despite his distrust of purposely removing friction from an activity, Varun is improving by leaps and bounds.

As we were leaving, Varun turned to our friend T and said, “I’m so glad God made us with feet and not ice skates. I like walking, it’s safer”.

3 Responses to The Perils of Life in the Great White North

  1. peggy

    If you guys were here, Varun and Caleb could learn together! šŸ™‚

  2. Amelia

    Love it, Peggy! So funny! Actually, when we were skating on sunday I was skating and talking to a little 4 year old and she told me “I’m better at this than you”…Sad part is, she was right!

  3. John

    Love the idea of removing friction. I agree with Varun though, walking is safer. But to me, that’s what makes skating all the more fun!

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