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The Move

Posted by on October 24, 2011

This past weekend, Varun and I were amazed and overwhelmed by the love shown to us by friends in helping us move.

I took pictures and am excited to post them, but I forgot my camera at home and don’t yet have home internet: so you’ll have to wait until I visit the cafe with internet again tomorrow.

By the Numbers:

Man-hours worked on Moving Day: 64

Friends who helped: 11!

Caffeinated beverages I consumed in 24 hours: 6

Neighbors we’ve met already: 5!!

Walls that were painted stunning colors while we unloaded: 3

Times I got lost in the city of one-way streets: 1

Dents in the UHaul I drove: 0

Moving day was actually fun–the graciousness of our friends, the ease of the day and the purpose of our move made the entire process incredibly pleasant. I love, LOVE the color of my living room walls (Hint: Varun wanted to paint colors other than my neutral, safe tones…something “more interesting and more Indian”). I can’t wait to unpack and post pictures!

[Special thanks to all of our wonderful friends!]

2 Responses to The Move

  1. Michelle

    How exciting!

  2. Lindsay


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