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The Frozen Treat Conundrum

Posted by on July 5, 2012

If there’s one thing I love about summer, it’s the abundance of sweet, frozen treats. Varun and I have filled up an entire Cold Stone creamery stamp card (don’t judge, we took friends) in record time. Recently, we were at our friend’s house and the following conversation ensued.

Friend: Would you like a freezie?

Me: Sure. What is it?

Friend: A freezie?! Um. You don’t know?

Me: Is it like water ice?

Friend: It’s a…here.

Me: Ooooh a push-up pop.

Friend 2: What is water ice?

Friend 1: What is a push-up pop?

Me: Okay. Hang on. A push-up pop is this. Because you push it up (I demonstrate). And water ice is…

Friend 2: Isn’t most ice, water?

Me: Okay, water ice is…It’s classier than a slushy. And less classy than gelato. And it’s usually fruity flavours, except for the coffee and chocolate ones. And it’s usually served in a paper cup. And it’s delicious and pretty healthy and not milky….

(Later, Varun joined us)

Friend: Varun, would you like a freezie?

Varun: A what?

Me: A push-up pop.

Varun: ?????

(Varun receives his freezie/push-up pop)

Varun: Ooh, a chuski.

All: Laughter

This, I am told, is a chuski.

So, what do you call it? Is push-up pop an American thing? An Amelia thing? How would you describe water ice, if you’ve had it….

6 Responses to The Frozen Treat Conundrum

  1. Tim Chan

    I call them freezies too

  2. Kelli Oliver George

    We call them ice pops. Huh.

    This is what I call a push-up pop:

  3. Mira

    I call them freezies…. but my friend calls them freezers so if she says want a freezer? i know she means a freezie/(whatever you call it)

  4. Spops

    Those are push-up pops for sure.

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