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Posted by on November 22, 2012

Tired. Cranky. Stressed. Overwhelmed. These are probably the adjectives I used the most this week. And yet last night, as I baked an apple pie for our American Thanksgiving Celebration, I realized how full my life is with blessings. How I have so very much for which I can give thanks.

And so, with the help of  Pensive Varun (American Thanksgiving 2009), I will brainstorm some of the myriad things for which I am thankful:

Varun contemplating the meaning of life…or the delicious smell of a cooking turkey.

-life, breath and health

-a loving husband

-a safe apartment

-generous, loving and supportive in-laws


-a fun-loving, caring and loving family

-the opportunity to study

-close friendships with neighbours

-warm boots

-friends with whom I can celebrate American Thanksgiving

-three countries I can call home

-1 adorable niece and 1 charming nephew

-a stomach full of breakfast

-clean, well-fitting clothes that I enjoy wearing

-the hope of a son or daughter filling our home (maybe in 2 thanksgivings!)

-amazing Church community

-peppermint hot chocolate

-support from my family

-clean drinking water

-cheap phone plans that let me call home

-a car

-curly hair that reflects my spontaneous and happy personality

-the opportunity to travel to India

-knowledge of God

-the chubby cheeks of friend’s babies

-regular dates with my beloved Varun



-fruit in winter time!

-personal freedom

-yummy choices for decaf tea

-money to pay bills

-the chance to visit my family for Christmas

-a life-altering relationship with God

-apple cider and cinnamon donuts

-bookshelves filled with books I love

-friends from school, work, church and neighbours, all over the world

-Varun’s new desire to cook

-many varied forms of support of our adoption

-a super cozy bed

-Canadian permanent residency!

-the promise of a delicious thanksgiving meal!

 What are you thankful for? How are you celebrating thanksgiving? If you’re an ex-pat, how do you celebrate Thanksgiving away from home? What is your favourite Thanksgiving dish? 

Thoughts? I love hearing from you!