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T-shirts and Pennies

Posted by on February 4, 2013

You know what’s super? How much support Varun and I have received in our adoption! Bags of clothes, a stroller, hugs, promises of homemade meals, prayers and yes, even cheques!

We are incredibly blessed with generous and loving friends and family. In fact, I recently got an email from our adoption agency that knocked my socks off. Our lovely adoption agency worker wrote me an email to tell me she had received cheques in support of our adoption from Once Was Lost and a dear friend:

“…It is pretty uncommon for us to receive money from people other than our families so we do not have a process for sending receipts or anything.”

Did you catch that? It’s pretty uncommon! In other words, we have some seriously awesome friends. To everyone who has loved on us so far during this process, thank you! Our little one is going to have so many Aunties and Uncles to love!

Picture 3

This week, Once Was Lost is doing a grant give away. The family that has the most purchases from the shop this week wins the grant! Want to help?

Here’s what you gotta do by February 7:

1. Go on over and buy something–a Valentine’s day present, a mid-winter present or an early Mother’s Day present. Be sure to write ‘Varun and Amelia Rana’ in the note to seller box. (Not only will we receive 50%, it will also help us to win the grant!)

Picture 4

Just don’t buy this shirt in size Small, I’ve got dibs when it’s back in stock!

2. Like Once Was Lost on Facebok. For every like, they’ll add $1 to the grant. It’s currently $137!

3. Follow Once Was Lost on Twitter. For every follow, they’ll add $1 to the grant.

4. Message Chantel at Once Was Lost and tell her she’s awesome. This lovely lady gives 50% of the profits to adoptive families like ours!

5. Grab the man in your life a T-shirt. Be sure to write ‘Varun and Amelia Rana’ in the note to seller box. (Not only will we receive 50%, it will also help us to win the grant!)

Fact: all men love t-shirts.

Fact: all men love t-shirts.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, all this for $137 grant? Compared to the costs associated with adoption, that might not seem like much. But guess what: it is! That grant would just about cover our police checks. Or all of the courier envelopes that go back and forth. Or half of our mandatory adoption workshop fee. No matter how you look at it, every penny counts.

Speaking of pennies!

Picture 2

Today is end of the Canadian penny (Obituary of the Canadian Penny). It seems odd, because yesterday I found a penny in my sink while washing dishes. For lack of a better idea, I washed it and put it on the drying rack. Be honest, people: pennies are baffling. I, for one, am excited to see the end of all things $.99! The Arts student in me is happy to only have to think in fives and tens. Thank you, Canada.

Thoughts? I love hearing from you!