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Surviving My To-Do List

Posted by on September 17, 2014

Aloha! As the not-so-warm Ontario summer fades into Fall (or as I call it, The Impending Doom of Winter), I am slowly emerging from the vortex that was Grad School. Yes friends, I have rejoined the world of vacuuming and cooking meals: I’m finished my Masters.

To celebrate, I drove 7 hours to my parents house and spent a week eating cake, hanging out with my parents, eating cheese and going for runs. There was also some (not-so) serious brother time, South Indian food, a Downton Abbey exhibit and several games of Psychologist.


sept Collage

Yes, my cell phone camera is dying a slow and painful death.

But now I’m back in Ontario and I’ve realized something somewhat dreadful: I have a massive to-do list. For 3.5 years, whenever something came up that might take up too much time or involve sustained organization, I said, “I’ll do that when I’m done grad school”. And here we are. Blogging, as it turns out, was somewhere on that list. In my head are scribbled ideas for posts about cooking dosa and pav bhaji, reviews of movies like Chennai Express, and rants about racism.


If I learned anything from my prolonged concussion recovery, it’s that I need to learn to slow down. My to-do list may need to be trimmed and reevaluated. But I’ll be honest: this is hard for me. Between my extraversion and plentiful energy, I have difficulty sorting through ideas and opportunities and not trying to do Everything I Can Think Of.

So buddies, this is where you come in. How do you prioritize? What questions do you ask to discern if something is urgent or important? How do you rest? Who wants to come help organize my closets? 

P.S. Do you love Indian desserts? Hate them? Never tried them? Doesn’t matter, watch this video.

P.P.S. My favourite Indian dessert is rasgulla. What’s yours?!

2 Responses to Surviving My To-Do List

  1. madhmama

    Almost one year ago I suffered from bacterial meningitis and still I feel like my brain is still a bit scattered. I had this major to do list after I got better and it still overwhelms me, there are only so many hours in a day. I like to keep a goal board and do a daily to-do list of the top 3 things I would like to do on that day. As a creative person, I often have a million different ideas running through my head at once.
    Rest is also non-negotiable 🙂
    My fave Indian dessert is Kheer.

    • Amelia

      Ooh, kheer is good too! That’s definitely in my top 3!

      Love the idea of a goal board a top 3 list for the day, sounds wise!

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