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Surprised by Hindi

Posted by on October 18, 2011

It’s not unusual for someone, upon meeting Varun, to say they know how to say something in Hindi. After a “Namaste” or “Shokria”, the conversation quickly switches to English. Varun is a good sport about it, laughing, encouraging practice and always eager to ask where people have been in India.

This weekend, we were at a Christian Missions conference. As we were chatting with a friend, a short, elderly gentleman approached us. We were introduced and told, “Stephen speaks Hindi”. Varun and I smiled at each other. The man before us looked scholarly, he held scrolls and books and wore spectacles. He wore a star of David pin and had a Hebrew pin on his blazer. I think we both doubted he would speak much Hindi.

And then he began speaking.

Our eyes bugged out of our heads as this kindly gentleman began speaking quickly in Hindi. Here’s what I heard*.

Stephen: Hello brother, how are you?

Varun: Good. How are you?

Stephen: Good. (something….) India….wife….years….

Varun: (smiles. Nods. looks mildly astonished)

Stephen: Where are you from in India?

Varun: New Delhi

Stephen: How long have you lived in Canada?

Stephen: 8 years.

KG: It is too cold here! Right? (Turns to me) Do you speak Hindi?

Me: A little.

Someone approached Stephen to whisk him away as he was, unbeknownst to us, the plenary speaker for the evening. As he was leaving, he gave us the nicest smile and promised to return. Our friend explained that the Stephen was a scholar and knew 12 languages. TWELVE languages!

Varun and I spent a good part of the car ride home giggling about how shocked we were when Stephen began  to speak Hindi. We also noted how quick we are to make guesses and judgments about people. It turns out his wife was raised in India by missionary parents and they had lived their together for a few years. His Hindi was fantastic. And inspiring.

I have been trying to learn Hindi. We’ve tried speaking it at home. I’ve taken lessons. And it’s all been good, really good. I know way more than I did even two years ago. But it’s fallen seriously by the wayside. Meeting this gentleman this weekend rekindled in me a desire to forge ahead in Hindi. After we move and the dust settles, I’m going to need to get serious about this. Who knows, maybe one of our new neighbors can teach me Hindi!

* (Let’s be honest, between the language confusion and it being 3 days ago, this conversation is something like what I heard)

9 Responses to Surprised by Hindi

  1. Karen H

    That’s cute! I want to hear your hindi!
    Didn’t realize you had a blog!

    • Amelia

      Oh dear, now I’ll be the one getting laughed at, haha.

      Yup, this blog is all of my musings, confusion and everything in between.

  2. Mike

    How would you compare Hindi in difficulty to other languages? It seems like a beautiful, yet intimidating, language

    • Amelia

      Hmm…good question! Hopefully someone else will pipe in here too. I’d say it doesn’t seem too much harder. Of course it uses a different script, but once you get that it’s fairly phonetic, so that’s nice. I honestly haven’t gotten very far into the grammar so I can’t too a decent comparison. I’ve studied latin, french and german to varying degrees and find them all relatively straightforward. However, like German, uses a very dissimilar word order than English, so that’s tricky. I think though if you like languages, you could pick it up. What languages do you study?

  3. Niyam

    Amelia as usual loved reading ur blog.Next time Iam gonna talk to u in Hindi or else leave a msg in hindi 🙂
    Love u
    Niyam didi

  4. Team Oyeniyi

    I’d like to learn Yoruba. I find it such a different language, I really struggle as I am no linguist at the best of times. I struggle to just speak English properly, let alone another language with completely different sounds. I understand about two words so far. Not nearly enough.

    Good for you!

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