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Say what?

Posted by on July 25, 2011

Recently, I have had some odd conversations. Perhaps I hang out with odd people, or perhaps I just find everything funny. I think the amount of traveling, cultures, countries and languages in our everyday life just make for hilarity and confusion.

Varun: Well, I never adjust my eyebrows (Pronounced “bros”, rhymes with “hose”).
Me: Yeah, well. Also, it’s eye”BROWS” (rhymes with “cows”).
Varun: That’s how we pronounce it in India. Bros. And this is an Indian household.
Me: HA! Well, this “Indian household” is in a Canadian country.
Varun: Yup. And nothing is “right” or “wrong” in Canada. It’s just “different”. Bros.
Me: (Exasperated laughter)

(While waiting for a wedding to start we were chatting with the guests in the pew behind us. The wife was born and raised in a small town near to mine, which was a surprise to me as I don’t often meet Pennsylvanians in Canada. Despite our geographically proximal upbringings, she had QUITE the SouthEastern PA accent. And worldview.)
New American Friend: Yeah, so this is my first time in Canada.
Me: Aww cool! Well, I hope you like it!
NAF: (smiles) But seriously. HOW do people live here?
Varun: Um? Pardon?
NAF: How do people LIVE here?
(Wedding processional begins)
Me: HUH? (Avoiding eye contact with Varun so as not to laugh loudly)
(As I turned in my seat I caught Varun’s eye and we both gulped down our laughter. Throughout the ceremony every time I glanced at Varun we had to struggle to maintain our composure. Unfortunately, we never got a chance to find out what exactly it is about Canada that had our new friends so baffled)

(At a pool party)
Friend: So what’s your last name?
Me: Rana. Crazy. I married an Indian and got a shorter last name!
Friend: What was your maiden name?
Me: (I stated my maiden name. It’s longer, and decidedly Irish)
Friend: Oh, so were you Indian growing up?
Me: HAHAHAH!! (Saw friend’s face: serious). HUH? What?

4 Responses to Say what?

  1. Eileen

    So funny…I actually had to take a full minute to remember what your maiden name was! My friend, Dana, married an Indian and ended up with Venugopalan. She makes a killer bagara baingan, though. šŸ™‚

  2. Stan

    I like the strange pronunciation of eyebrows. Rhyming it with hose, as in eye-bros, makes me imagine the eyebrows getting along with each other, addressing each other “Hey, eyebro”, etc.

  3. Lindsay

    Hehehe. I would love to know what that American woman thought was so bad about Canada!

  4. Team Oyeniyi

    I’m with Lindsay. Very strange. Like the Irish name being considered Indian though. Anyone ever mentioned you don’t look terribly Indian? Then again, I don’t look much like the mother of my children, either! šŸ˜†

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