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Sari Love

Posted by on April 11, 2013

I wrote this post this past weekend and have postponed publishing it.

While this is a sad and busy week, I think a post like this is a good reminder of life, joy, laughter and love.


Wearing a sari is basically one of my favourite perks of being married to Varun. Well, that and the whole spending my life with my best friend thing. So this weekend, when our awesome Indian-white couple friends got hitched, I filled our Corolla with saris and bangles and headed to Toronto to join Beth for The White Girl Sari-Wearing of 2013.

Apparently, driving into Toronto at noon on a Friday is miserable. So I was late. I arrived at the home of My Dear Friend Beth ready to get us both bedazzled and be-sari-ed in 60 minutes. Thankfully, her charming and amazing-dancer roommate helped us out. Apart from me nearly stabbing Beth with safety pins, there were no major disasters. And somehow, we daintily hobbled our way to the car and to the wedding venue without completely unwrapping our saris.

Picture 2

Beth, Aban and me rocking saris and curly hair

Varun met me in the parking lot after leaving work early and taking the train into the city. He climbed into the backseat and changed into his sherwani, or Indian Male Costume of Amazingness. The entertaining bit about this is that Varun is quite modest. Changing clothes in the backseat parked in downtown Toronto in broad daylight is basically his worst nightmare. I was a very supportive wife. (ish).

AV wedding

Um, that sari needs rewrapping. I apologize to all of my Indian people.

The highlight of the day was definitely the dancing wedding ceremony. Our friends were lovely. And in love.


Weddings always remind me of the seriousness of the vows we’ve made. And the joy of love.

Picture 4

{The talented and beautiful Shelly Spithoff did the pictures. And they are fabulous.}

At the close of the ceremony, the Pastor gave details about the reception. Only he had an English accent and my beloved has trouble with British accents.

Pastor: After the ceremony there will be a soft bar…

(Only “soft bar” sounded a bit more like “suft baaah”)

Varun: (Whispering LOUDLY) A soft bath? Um. Will you be my partner for that? (Worried glance)

Me: (Snorting laughter into my program throughout the entire recessional)

While there was not a soft bath, the reception was phenomenal. Did I mention that we got bhangra lessons?

wedding bhangra

Photo Credit: Orvin Lao

Please notice that both Varun and I are actually following the teacher (red). I danced bhangra in a sari and was moderately in time with the music. Bliss.

{Congrats D and N!}

2 Responses to Sari Love

  1. Kathi

    your blog always makes me smile. 🙂

  2. NPARI

    The saree looks lovely on you 🙂 Looks like you had lot of fun in the wedding! 🙂

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