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Physics is PHUN!

Posted by on May 7, 2010

One of the leaders in my high school youth group was a physics teacher who had a shirt that read, “Physics is PHUN!”. This, of course, was a source of endless amusement to us at the time. Fortunately for me, the phun hasn’t stopped there: I married an engineer. A man who turns coat hangers and spoons into electromagnetic thingys.

Yesterday, Varun was preparing to drop his resume off at different engineering companies. Being the ever dutiful wife, I began the task of ironing his shirt; a job which would be  a lot easier with an ironing board and if my well meaning, but unlikely to iron, Mother had taught me this skill. Nevertheless, I spread the shirt out on the table and said, motioning to the iron, “Is it hot yet?”.

His reply? “Well, it’s giving off infared energy.” (Pause. I do my shock/confused face.) “So, it’s hot?”, I inquired again. And then, excitedly,”Is this how night vision goggles work?!” And thus ensued a conversation about visible and non-visible energy and night vision goggles.

I finished ironing and we sat down to eat. Varun placed his plate on the table and slid it toward his place setting. It crashed into his glass and the both slid toward the edge, stopping before plummeting to the floor. I looked at him, impressed with the non-disaster. He grinned, “Don’t worry, I took into account the energy transfer and inertia.”


3 Responses to Physics is PHUN!

  1. Lynsey

    I can teach you to iron if you like. My mom taught me at an early age how to iron a shirt so that she didn’t have to do it anymore:)

    • Amelia

      yes! it’s a deal! I’m especially clueless about the arms of dress shirts–how do you iron one side without wrinkling the other?

  2. Mindy

    Haha, Varun is such a nerd. Love it!

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