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Performance Anxiety

Posted by on April 16, 2012

Tonight I’m going to a sleep clinic for a sleepover. Actually, it’s so that a technician can wire me up and watch me while I sleep. I’ve mentioned in the past that I have a tendency to sit up while I sleep, something that rewards me with neck pains, loss of sleep and never ending ammunition for Varun’s entertaining comments.  During a recent physical, I mentioned it to my family Doctor and she gave me a long, hard look, followed by, “I have never, ever heard of that problem”. Huzzzah.

Enter, the Sleep Study.

The Ontario government pays for one sleep study per person per lifetime. On the one hand, this seems generous as I’m sure it’s costly to pay someone to watch me sleep. On the other hand, this is a lot of pressure, folks! I have one night, just eight hours to display my sleeping oddity, which only sometimes manifests itself! What if I sleep soundly? What if don’t sit up? What if I do a bad job sleeping? (Okay. Can we agree that when you start to worry about how good a job you can do at sleeping, your perfectionism levels are off the charts?!) Seriously, people. I’ve been asking people to pray that I have a “bad night” like I tend to have every few days. It has come to that.

In preparation for the Sleep Study, I can’t drink caffeine today or take a nap. Umm, I know, right?! No idea how they expect me to function past 3 pm (ie, naptime). Anyway. Speaking of sleep, check out this meme.

I’ll be honest, I don’t really get most of them. Although I’m sure Varun would agree that I sleep sprawled out like a good Arts student. But the Engineering one made me guffaw loudly. This. is. so. true. Although since we got married, Varun has given up all-nighters and brings his engineering textbooks to bed. Maybe this is why I can’t sleep, I’m allergic to math.

Well, maybe tonight I’ll find the answers to all of my sleep problems. Or maybe I’ll just provide some entertainment for a very bored sleep centre attendant…

5 Responses to Performance Anxiety

  1. iven

    LOL~ that diagram is hi-lare. Sooo ameeels, what was the verdict!?!?

  2. Team Oyeniyi

    I agree – verdict? Guesiing I’ll read is soon………… catching up!!

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