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Paperwork Water Torture

Posted by on August 24, 2011

“But Mom, Amelia likes writing papers. If I had to write papers like she has to write for school…I’d rather stay up all night studying for an engineering exam”, Varun mentioned nonchalantly. I could not believe my ears. I confirmed later that this was indeed true, he would rather cram for an exam about electronic circuits than write a paper about child development. (GASP). Clearly, we have different areas of gifting.

Details are not one of my gifts. One look in my linen closet or email inbox would confirm this. I tend to publish these posts before editing them because I’d rather see the finished product than check for commas. So how did I get this job?!

Immigration Application and much-needed caffeine

Despite my intense hatred for details, I am currently in the midst of filling out, organizing and double-checking our paperwork for Canadian Permanent Residency. (Don’t worry, Varun will also double-check. No one in their right mind would leave that up to me!)

Today, however, I’m almost losing it. The form requires every address that I have lived at since 18, and every address that Varun has lived at since 18. So far, this is over 17 locations. They also want an account of every activity/place since we were 18. With NO gaps. For me, this is something near to a mild form of torture. I have to bribe myself to sit down and try one more page.

Maybe I could just write a nice letter or 10 page research paper to the Canadian government explaining why they should let us stay. Or maybe I should get back to finding out Varun’s address in May of 2004. Save me now.

5 Responses to Paperwork Water Torture

  1. Peggy

    do you think they actually check?

    • Amelia

      Good question! I know I have to have every month accounted for with no gaps. But as far as verification goes, I’m not sure. Can’t afford to risk it though!!

  2. vasudha

    aww…haha. Just to aid you, we were staying in Vasant Kunj(my parent’s current resisdence) in 2004.

  3. Team Oyeniyi

    You have my empathy!!

    I had to ask my brother and sister some of our family history that I had to provide!

    I am 56 and I had to provide my parents’ information! At 56!!!

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