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Posted by on April 25, 2010

Him: Are u okay? You look tired, like the skin on ur face is dropping off.

Me: Um, I do? It does? I’m fine..?


We were once hanging out with two couples and one of the girls got the idea that the guys should try their best pick-up lines. Guys 1 and 2 go with classics.

Varun: Can I curl in your curly curls?



Him: You’re a loose woman.

Me: What?! (Confused silence) Do you know what that means? What?

Him: Oh, I heard someone at my frat say that. What does it mean?

Me: Um. New rule: don’t say anything you heard at the frat.

3 Responses to One-liners

  1. Ryan

    “don’t say anything you heard at the frat.”


  2. Darren

    this is so funny … i actually laughed out loud at that last one!!

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