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Of Car Horns and Road Maps

Posted by on March 30, 2012

Kudos to my lovely friend Liz who passed along this article, “Indian Drivers Need Extra Strong Horns: Audi“. The article goes on to say that German cars sold in India need to be specially made with a sturdier horn because of the extreme usage they receive in Indian traffic. In my experience in India, I’ve observed that the horn is a normal part of driving, maybe even more widely used than turn signals and mirrors combined. The Audi India director notes, “You take a European horn and it will be gone in a week or two. With the amount of honking in Mumbai, we do on a daily basis what an average German does on an annual basis”. HA! I love this.

I tried to upload a video I took while sitting in traffic in New Delhi, but apparently there’s a 1 MB limit. (Sad times).

While we’re talking about driving in the subcontinent, can I just say that I am amazed by the ability of driver’s to text, drive manual cars, and honk and weave their way through traffic? Especially Varun’s sister. I’m fairly convinced she has a road map of New Delhi in her head. Which when you think about it, is really impressive: it’s a city of over 18 million people and, “At 1922.32 km of road length per 100 km², Delhi has one of the highest road densities in India” (Wikipedia). So lots of people, lots of roads, and lots of traffic. Hence the necessity of the horn.

Since we’re talking about driving in India, if you haven’t seen this video my brother made last summer, you’re missing out!

Some of the many modes of transportation in Kolkata

3 Responses to Of Car Horns and Road Maps

  1. Karen

    seeing that map of Delhi made me shed tears

  2. Team Oyeniyi

    Trust me, Nigeria is EXACTLY the same. Whatching my wedding video, my oldest (Asutralian) daughter asked me what on earth was the noise in the background – I told her it was the car horns.!

  3. Krishanu

    Just curious to know why a link in one article, referencing some previous post, always shows up as “Page not found”. So is the case with “this video” ….

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