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New Series: The Surprises We Find

Posted by on July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July, American buddies!

One of the joys of blogging about intercultural marriages and being in a community & city where they are increasingly common and celebrated is that we have tons of friends in intercultural relationships. For my first ever guest blog series, I thought I’d let some of my friends share their stories.


The topic? The Surprises We Find. A couple of awesome guys and gals have volunteered to spill their secrets share their stories on the wonderful world of ESL Marriage this summer. As I’ve read over their posts, I’m amazed at the common themes: humorous differences in culture, ‘normal’ couple adjustments, enduring love, serious discrepancies in cultural values or expectations, and a strong desire to love the one you love.

Some of the couples have struggled to adjust to their vastly different upbringings, while other couples were surprised to find out they were much more similar than they thought. I hope you’ll enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoyed compiling them!



The first guest-blogger is Aban, a lovely lady who can bake up a storm, make you laugh until you snort and is generally beautiful, generous and full of Jesus’ love. Aban is of Indian origin and is married to a man of Egyptian origin. She is also prone to exaggerate and chronically sarcastic. You can see why we’re friends.

Hello Internet World!

Amelia asked me to write a short blurb about what I wish I’d known before getting married to the Mr. However, we’ve only been married a handful of days (read: two months) and no major surprises yet. Wait. There is one: my husband, Sami is Egyptian. In the Egyptian culture men wear undershirts called finellas. They resemble tank tops. I did not know I’d be doing triple loads of finellas. Seriously, multiple loads per week. Did I mention I hate doing laundry? It boggles my mind that someone would willingly wear multiple layers in such humid weather.

Sami in a finella. Also, he thinks he has swag.

Sami in a finella. Also, he thinks he has swag.

So, my name is Aban Shaker (Henceforth known as Mrs. ShakerBonBon) & I’m newly married to one Mr. Sami Shaker. He’s pretty much a living, breathing piece of grace in my life. We got married May 4th (yes, may the fourth be with you as well!) & so far it has been a whirlwind experience.

In our marriage I’m the extremely organized, planner Type A personality person. However, I’m also a dirt pig. I hate showering, I think it’s overrated. I wipe my hands on my pants after meals, which Sami finds appalling. I would easily eat a worm on a dare, while Sami likes the finer things in life, like flipping through a Harry Rosen magazine, or trying on Prada shoes. Weirdo! We are inevitably running late because he is wondering if his outfit works. What?!

However, it all works because, as I mentioned earlier, he is a piece of tangible grace. By that I mean, he is kind and gentle with his words, especially when I’m a raving lunatic. He is generous with me when I deserve a smack on the wrists. He loves me a ridiculous amount, and if you have spent any amount of time with us, you can see that. It still boggles my mind, that God brought us together, and that He wants us to do this Gospel life together. Cool.

I clean up REAL well. also, Sami...he's easy on the eyes, no?

I clean up REAL well. also, Sami…he’s easy on the eyes, no?

Being married to Sami means there is loads of laughter, outfit changes, lots of tear wiping (according to Sami, I cry all the time), and spending time with people.

Thank You for reading my ramblings…now go do something useful, like bake a pie.

Mrs. ShakerBonBon

P.S. Amelia & I met through a babe of woman, named Beth. We immediately hit it off as we lamented living in Mississauga, or as I like to call it, SoggySauga. We keep in touch through texts, hang outs, and Twitter. Long live Social Media.

Beth, Aban & Amelia

Beth, Aban & Amelia

2 Responses to New Series: The Surprises We Find

  1. andy clutton

    Well written!
    I just have to say that I have a very funny “first impression” story of Sami Shaker. Or rather he has one of me. Wow great guy.

    • Amelia

      Aban is a great writer, I agree!

      I love a good first impression story, I can’t wait to hear it 😀

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