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My (Richer) Look Alike

Posted by on March 21, 2012

When someone tells me that they saw someone who looks just like me, I’m skeptical. But a few weeks ago, a friend told me that he saw a girl who looks just like me in a music video. Intrigued but doubtful, I watched the video by New Directions, What Makes You Beautiful.


I’ll be honest, I liked it. The lyrics were sweet and meaningful, the video was wholesome and fun. And I was shocked at how much the girl did look like me. It was bizarre. My friend jokingly suggested I cash in and say I was in the video.

And now that New Directions is topping the charts, I’m regretting that I didn’t make the big bucks off of my doppelganger.

I know, you’re curious and doubtful too. But check out this screen shot:

Well? Am I right? Do you have any almost famous appearances or freaky doppelganger photos? Please share!

3 Responses to My (Richer) Look Alike

  1. Beth (@bethaf)

    If I just saw that screenshot, I would SWEAR it’s you.

    Also, this song is adorable and those boys are so cute and gooooooo, boy bands for a new generation!!

  2. Lindsay

    I’ve been told, several times (once by a pair of high schoolers on the metro), that I look like Emma from Glee.

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