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Music, the Universal Language?

Posted by on August 30, 2010

From as long as I can remember, classical music has been a part of my life. My Mom would play Mozart and Beethoven on the way home from Kindergarten. Our family has 5 kids, and most of us played an instrument in band and orchestra at some point. Most schools have two concerts a year, so we averaged 8-10 concerts a year, which is a lot.

As such, one of the first things we did when Varun came to visit was take him to a concert of my younger brother playing Cello. During the intermission, Varun turned to my Dad and asked, totally seriously, “What do you think about while they’re playing? Don’t you get bored?”. My Dad’s facial expression was one of someone trying to hide their shock behind a thin veil of politesse. Varun had never been to a concert in India, especially not one with “movements” and no words. (This, of course, brings up an excellent question, What DO I think about? Varun now brings books to concerts.)

Yesterday, someone was sharing at Church about how we fail to notice God in the everyday and offered, as a metaphor, the story of Joshua Bell playing in the Washington DC Metro*.

(Whispering in pew-appropriate volume)
Varun: Who?
Me: Joshua Bell! He’s like…umm…the Shaquille O’Neal of music.
Varun: Who’s Shaqu..?
Me: Ok. Um. Tiger Woods. (Glare from person in front of us) He’s Tiger Woods.

(The following Video plays)

Me: Wow. Wasn’t that beautiful?
Varun: So I guess the moral is that music isn’t that interesting after all.
Me: !!!!!!!!!!

*This is a cool story, look it up.

2 Responses to Music, the Universal Language?

  1. peggy

    Very funny! It actually reminds me of when I was taking a classical music class at McGill and had to go critique symphonies. I thought it would be so great to have my then-boyfriend join me in enjoying some fine music. But yes, he did the ‘pull the book out of the bag’ trick too– I was shocked and very embarassed! Thank goodness Corey doesn’t do this!

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