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Missing Pieces

Posted by on September 12, 2013

In my world, things get lost a lot more than they get found. Amazingly, on Day 2 of my concussion Varun and our Dear Friend M excitedly told me that they had found “the missing puzzle pieces”. Not sure if my brain injury had clouded my cognition, I asked for further explanation.

Rewind: It’s February 2008 and Varun and I were dating long-distance. I made a puzzle from a picture taken the day we started dating in North Africa. I put pieces from each row in different envelopes and wrote the name of Varun’s friends on each envelope. I then mailed all the envelopes to Dear Friend M who distributed them; each friend was instructed to give Varun an envelope over the next few weeks. (What could possibly go wrong?)


Unfortunately, one envelope never made it to Varun. When we moved to Ontario, we put the puzzle together.  Varun’s sister had the brilliant idea of making the missing pieces part of the art by adding the phrase, “So many pieces left to discover together”. Since 2010 it’s been a sort of reminder of the beauty in imperfection in life and love.


Until last week. Dear Friend M visited from Vancouver and brought with him the missing envelope. I could not believe that after 5.5 years, it finally turned up.


Hindi translation: I miss you a lot!

As we placed the missing pieces, we could finally read the letter I had written on the back. I experienced no small degree of amazement at myself for putting a puzzle together face-down so I could write on it.


Despite having moved provinces and cities several times, all the pieces of this puzzle somehow came together. I think this means our marriage is now perfect. Bazinga.


Either the couch, the camera, the wall or the pictures are crooked. Just ignore it.

(That’s what I do)

Ok, enough stressing about the pictures. Look at what my Dad sent. I think he was trying to tell me something…..

time to blog

5 Responses to Missing Pieces

  1. Lisa

    That was a really romantic idea. If Chris liked doing puzzles I would do that for sure.

  2. Sarah

    That’s awesome. What an amazing story. Love.

  3. Raina

    Now I know where you get your creativity from. lol. nice post.

  4. Gayle

    Sorry to hear of your accident and that you have a concussion! Having had 2 I know how awful they can be.
    Prayers for a speedy recovery and return to your normal, bubbly, delightful self!

  5. Team Oyeniyi

    This is just SO romantic! I love it, a great story!

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