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Maturity Level Zero

Posted by on June 2, 2011

The other day, Varun and I were play-boxing. I punched him and he moaned in pain.

Me: What? C’mon. Aren’t you from the warrior caste? I thought you were brave!
Varun: I am! Bravery isn’t not feeling pain but fighting in spite of it.*
Me: Haha. OK! (punch)
Varun: Hey! You are short and stinky!
Me: (Bahaha!) What? (punch)

Later, we were chatting on the couch.

Varun: Well…that’s because you’re smart and sexy.
Me: Really? Because before you said I was short and stinky. So…?
Varun: Oh, that’s just on the outside. But on the inside you’re smart and sexy.
Me: (Punch)

(Who says you need to grow up?)

*Varun has gotten into the habit of speaking in proverbs. I have gotten into the habit of referring to him as Bhuddaji when he does so.

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