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Links::Life on a Monday

Posted by on July 16, 2012

This morning, I was reminded to consider that most people are, at any given point, experiencing “multiple overwhelmings”. As I’ve been struggling to keep on top of my obligations and engagements, I’ve noticed a similar sentiment on blog posts and recent conversations. A lot of people are tired and busy. And yet life is filled with joys and vacations and laughter and ice cream amidst the crashing waves.

So, because it’s Monday and because I am currently in a week-long intensive course, today is a day for riding out the overwhelmings and living in grace. I hope you enjoy these links as much as I did!

What Not to Say To Mixed Race Parents  (Haven’t experienced this, but it’s interesting!)

I’m an Adoptive Mother, Not a Saint (LOVE)

Sleepwalk with Me: *Trailer* (I cannot wait to see this movie!)

Nora Ephron on Purses (Or: Read this to be freed from your purse guilt)

Where Are You On The Global Fat Scale? (Fun, but I’m not entirely sure what to “do” with my results)

The Plight of Baby Girls (So sad. Makes me ask myself many questions. And makes me passionate about getting involved)

Happy Monday!

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  1. Fran Monopoli

    Wow your are quiet the writer . I really love this idea and good for u.I look forward to the next one.Fran Monopoli

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