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Life in My World

Posted by on January 23, 2011

It was 6:55 a.m., we’re driving in traffic and I’ve yet to have coffee, tea or breakfast.

Varun: So, in your opinion, what are the limitations of the Scientific Method?
Me: Umm…???

Varun and I were at dinner with a dear Indian friend, J, trying to convince him to come for supper at our house. I offered him poori, which I’ve recently learned how to make and have served with supper for a few of our Indian friends…
Me: And if you come over for supper, I’ll make poori for you!
J: On saturday morning?
Me: Um, sure. What? Why Saturday?
J: Poori. It’s a breakfast food.
Me: What? (Turning to Varun) How did I not know that? Why didn’ t you tell me? This is soo embarassing! (I feel as if I’ve been serving pancakes with pot roast!!)
Varun: Oh. Haha. I was just happy the poori were floating.
J: Oooh, you finally got the oil hot enough.
(This is in reference to my hard-as-a-rock-sinking-poori)

Having just worked out, I happily began munching on warm chocolate chip cookies.

Varun: Why are you eating a cookie, you just worked out?
Me: Yeah, why do you think I work out? So I can eat these. Want one?
Varun: No thanks. Why do you think i don’t eat cookies? So I don’t have to work out.

We were writing out our schedule and Varun had written 5:00=home. Except his equals sign had three horizontal lines, not two.

Me: Oh wow, what does an equals sign with three lines mean?
Varun: I invented it.
Me: Why?
Varun: Because 5:00 doesn’t equal home, it’s the time I get home.
Me: BAHAHA! Wait, seriously? You have so much respect for the equals sign that you don’t want to misuse it?!
Varun: Yes….

2 Responses to Life in My World

  1. Ellen Lyman

    Hahah 3 lines means that it is defined to be…that is to say 5:00 is defined to be home….Baha

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