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Life After Graduation

Posted by on November 10, 2011

It exists. There is life after undergrad. At first, it’s used furniture, small apartments and puzzlingly uninteresting jobs. But after a few years, university becomes a distant memory of grassy lawns, scholarly professors in tweed and late-night pizzas. Since graduating, Varun and I have never both had a full-time job at the same time. Of course, it didn’t help that we graduated at the height of the Recession, but c’est la vie.

Where was I going with this? Oh, right. My youngest brother, Luke, is applying to colleges for next fall. In our conversations about school, he has pondered, “How important is/are…” SAT scores? The Name of the college? Your Major?

As a big sister, of course I answer. But when I think about the turns my life has taken, I’m not even sure there is an answer. And then I saw this link from a tweet.

Please note: Psych majors (ME) are the most likely out of the entire study, to be unemployed, at 19.5%. And when/if we do get employed, the median earnings are humble. Page 4, last column.

So kids, stay in school, study hard. And don’t be a psych major.

Remember math class?

1998, Amelia (grade 5): But why do we have to learn multiplication?

Teacher: So you can do calculations, at the grocery store and in your job.

Amelia: But I have a calculator.

And there you have it.

You know those kids in math class that actually learned stuff and paid attention? They eventually put away the pocket protectors, found their lunch money on the playground and graduated university ready to earn the big bucks. Page 1, halfway down. Mechanical Engineering, unemployment: 3.8%. And the median earnings aren’t too bad either.

Although my husband might not know a sonnet from a haiku, the man is employable. And he can calculate interest rates, tax deductions…and they even let him repair bridges. (Which he does well. And I have driven over)

So, life after undergrad. It’s unpredictable. Certainly, your major is related to your job prospects. But if I were to do it over (and I am, it’s called grad school), I’d still pursue my passion and do what I love. I just wish I loved math.

3 Responses to Life After Graduation

  1. Team Oyeniyi

    Where are accountants? Don’t we exist in your part of the world?

  2. shellieos (@shellieos)

    Link Link! Where is the link!

  3. Amelia

    Haha, if you check out the link ( you can find where they find in. I think without accountants, we’d all be lost!

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