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January Adoption Update: Another Twist!

Posted by on January 22, 2014

So this isn’t exactly an update, because this isn’t “news”. It’s really “olds”. This particular twist in the journey occurred in September 2013, but yours truly was not in a blogging state.

In April 2013, I shared that the orphanage/RIPA we had been assigned to in Hyderabad said they were unable to match us with a child. For 6 months, we waited for the Indian ministry (CARA) to reassign us to an orphanage. In September, we were assigned to St. Catherine’s Home in Mumbai.

IMG_6108.JPG - Version 2


We were elated to hear this! Not only had waited 6 months, but when we read about the orphanage, we felt it was a healthy and caring environment for children. (Sigh of relief)

I said there was a twist though. It turns out, St. Catherine’s Home has since informed our agency they have a long waiting list and are unable to match us with a child. At the same time, the government ministry has informed our agency that we cannot be transferred to yet a third orphanage until they hear about this waiting list from the orphanage. Suffice to say, it’s complicated.

Despite the obstacles in the process and the challenges in communication, our agency continues to advocate on behalf of our family. And for that we are truly grateful!

We knew going into the process that it would be unpredictable, and would probably take 2-3 years. We’ve just passed the 1.5 year mark and, while we have not yet received a referral for our child, our family has received so much love and so many devoted prayers for our little one. Over and over again on this journey God is teaching us how to receive lavish love.

I realize the system is not perfect, and often those who suffer the most from these delays are the vulnerable kiddies. If that’s something you want to dialogue more about, or if you have questions about the process, Varun and I are always happy to engage around these issues. While we can see the various weaknesses of the systems, we appreciate and pray for all involved in the adoption process, both in Canada and India. And we look forward to the day when we have exciting news to share!

IMG_3718.JPG - Version 2

These kids ran alongside our boat as we drifted through the backwaters in Kerala. I love their gleeful expressions!


Thoughts? I love hearing from you!