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In Which You Can Laugh At Both Of Us

Posted by on January 24, 2013

Yesterday, I asked a friend how much I should be willing to embarrass myself on my blog. Ever a caring friend, she replied quickly, “As much as you’re comfortable with; I want to laugh”.

I’ve debated sharing this video for about a week, and last night I decided to share it with you. While we were in India, we got to spend some time with some beautiful people living in slums. On one occasion, we were receiving an impromptu tour of the street outside of the slum where many families dwell. Someone busted out a drum and began playing. The kids began asking me over and over to dance. I looked around, eager for back-up from my Canadian friends–no luck. The drum beats got faster and the kids more excited…and I am highly susceptible to peer pressure.

Disclaimer: I never claimed to be a passable dancer. In fact, I have spent many blog posts trying to explain to you my inability to do any dancing that is at all similar to Bhangra.

Picture 2

Now. I would hate to be the only one providing laughter-fodder for this blog; it’s Varun’s turn. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but it’s been super cold recently. It’s been about -18 C/0 F for the past few days. Yesterday, Varun had to do a site visit that required he spend significant time outside. As we were getting ready for bed, he peeled off his socks dramatically.

Varun: Oooh good. I was worried.

Me: Why?

Varun: My steel-toed boots aren’t insulated and water got into my boots. I thought I had…snow…snowflake-bite.

Me: Ha ha ha!

Varun: Snow bite?

Me: Ha Ha!

Varun: Are you laughing at your husband?

Me: Ha ha! Yes. Oh. That’s cute. It’s frostbite, honey. Frostbite.

I giggled myself to sleep picturing snowflakes biting Varun’s toes….


5 Responses to In Which You Can Laugh At Both Of Us

  1. Sarah

    Hahahahaha I do not claim to be a dancer (good, or otherwise), but seriously all I could think of while watching that was mom. No kidding. It’s like you pasted your face on her body…. Honestly, it’s uncanny. Also disturbingly hilarious. (That there are THREE of us on this earth that dance so terribly and awkwardly!)

    • Amelia

      Haha! Ahhh–so funny!!!! There’s been a few pics recently where I’ve been like, ‘whoa! am I mom??’

  2. Kathi

    Loved it..brought a smile to my face, you blessed those kids with your love! 🙂

  3. Team Oyeniyi

    The snowflakes got me!! Will watch video later, am reading on my phone, but love the lead up!!

  4. NPARI

    Loved the dance 🙂 The entire slum people would have loved to have you for company for those few hours! 🙂

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