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In Pictures: the Move

Posted by on October 25, 2011

Pictures of our apartment might be a few days in coming as it’s currently an epic mess of boxes, piles of stuff and oddly placed furniture. Here are some highlights of our move.

Creative Packing

Tower of Boxes

Varun carefully wrapping all of our plates and bowls

Varun's creative box lid and labelling

12th hour of continuous packing and I'm wiping the walls to avoid a fine.

The first sunset from our new apartment!

To all of my Indian buddies, Happy Diwali!

4 Responses to In Pictures: the Move

  1. Julie Anne

    What an incredible view, Amelia!

    I love the top half of the first photo where all you see is white and cream and circles from the lamp and the basket!

    I’m glad to hear that you had lots of help—best of luck settling in!

  2. Jess Nev

    Love the view as well! …but…IS THAT SNOW?! or just fancy photographing?

  3. Team Oyeniyi

    Who plays the harp?

    Yes, an incredible view!

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