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I Dreamed In Hindi!!!!!!

Posted by on September 18, 2012

Every once in a while there comes a moment when something so epic happens that you basically get a Pass for the rest of the year. For me, that was last night.

Buddies, I dreamed in Hindi!! As in, my own brain constructed enough Hindi to speak a FULL sentence in distress while sleeping.

We all know that there are few things less interesting than hearing another person’s dream. But grab your coffee and wake up because I’m going to tell you all about my dream.

I was seated in a room with lots of people, all of whom were chatting casually. It might have been a sporting event. The guy next to me was friendly enough, but after a few minutes, he put his hand on my back. I politely asked him to remove his hand. He didn’t. I repeated more firmly and said if he didn’t, I’d call for my husband. And this is where it gets epic. “Varun!,” I called, continuing in Hindi, “Come over here? This guy has his hand–“. “His hand?!”, Varun asked as walked toward us and saw my predicament. He then beat the guy up. (Which was charming and awesome. But not awesome enough to overshadow the fact that I spoke Hindi while unconscious. BOOYAH.)

When I told Varun this morning, he was minorly impressed with my linguistic genius and highly impressed with his physical prowess. At any rate, I feel pretty pumped because I now have a Pass of Awesomeness for the year.

Perhaps the Indian pillows and blankets inspired me…

7 Responses to I Dreamed In Hindi!!!!!!

  1. Beth

    That is really awesome! I hope I’ll dream in German one day.

  2. John Rafferty

    What kind of pass for the rest of the year are you hoping for? It is always a fun morning when you realize you’ve dreamed in another language, but passes–for the whole year–they’re hard to come by. And I think Varun’s right–if anyone deserves one, he does, for protecting you!

    • Amelia

      Basically a free pass in terms of achievement–homemade pizza dough, learning German, becoming literate in Hindi, running a marathon….

      Varun does deserve a free pass. Many in fact, for putting up with all of my antics!

  3. Miranda

    Were you sitting up in bed during this dream?

    What I mean is, congratulations!

  4. aban

    HAHAHAHAHAAH..”highly impressed with his physical prowess.” <—bahahahaha.

    yo. hindi is tough. i used to be able to read, write speak fluently. gone are those days. WAY, way gone. You are now the future Mrs. Rana

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