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Posted by on May 3, 2011

I think it’s a testimony to how faithful my followers are that I have nearly many hits each day even when I don’t post for two weeks. Which reminds me: I didn’t post for two weeks. I could blame it on traveling, but I was in major North American cities with the internet on my phone, not rural sub-saharan Africa.

In fact, Varun and I went to Vancouver to visit friends and be in the wedding of our dear friends, Matt and Joyce. Also, we were in dire need of getting in touch with our Chinese side.*

A Hong-Kong Style Cafe served us rice in a bucket to keep it warm!

To the casual observer, our trip to Vancouver would have appeared to be a mixture of house-hopping, hanging out with friends and eating chinese food. Come to think of it, this is what the not-so-casual observer would have noticed as well.

We also drank A LOT of Bubble Tea (Japanese green tea ice cream is the flavor of choice). So much so that the woman at our Favorite Bubble Tea Shop in Vancouver asked Varun, “The same as last night?”. I’m still not sure if that’s because we’ve gone there too often or because Indian/White couples are not her usual customers.

(I have no pictures of bubble tea because my consumption is so frantic I forget to take pictures)

Another oddity about our trip was how often we were greeted with the phrase, “Ten chi hen how” (Sorry, friends, I don’t know pinyin!!). In Mandarin, this means, “The weather is nice”. When we were living in Vancouver, someone made the mistake of teaching me this phrase, and I said it multiple times a day for about a year. Varun picked it up. And now that has become something of a greeting for the Rana Family. Go figure.

{Pictures and stories from the wedding will have to wait for another post, another day.}

I will leave you with this piece of advice: If you’re ever leaving Vancouver and someone offers you one last Bubble Tea: Drink it, you are never too full for bubble tea! (@Jon: still regretting not having that last tea…!)

*Wikipedia says that about 17% of Vancouverites are ethnically Chinese. I think about 98% of our UBC friends are. As such, our experience in Vancouver was largely shaped by Asian culture.

2 Responses to HongCouver

  1. Mindy

    Speaking of being Chinese, I should probably learn some more Cantonese since I seem to always be mistaken for being one at work.

    Loved having you here, beautiful. Miss you already.

  2. Team Oyeniyi

    Glad to have you back! I’ve missed your cheerful and entertaining contributions to my day! 🙂

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