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Home for Christmas

Posted by on January 4, 2011

For Christmas this past year, Varun and I went to my parents house in the states. Also there was Varun’s cousin (K), his sister (V), my cousin (J), a family friend (Kh) (also South Indian) and my two younger brothers. In addition to the regular chaos my family generates, this Christmas was particularly eventful as we had 12 people eating at every meal and a house full of 17-26 year olds. Half of whom are Indian. You can imagine the cultural, linguistic and general chaos.

It was awesome to be a part of K and V’s “first” Christmas celebrations, highlights of which include:

-Watching all 3 Lord of The Rings in 24 hours-K,J, KH and V had never seen it!
-Caroling on Christmas morning
-Enlisting our Indian guests in shoveling snow, and rewarding them with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies later
-Decorating Christmas cookies

-Opening “more presents” than K had ever seen
-Sledding (First time for K and, due to poor instructions, his pants got soaked!)

Mark and Varun lead the charge

Of course, having so many different and excited people in one place also means a lot of good quotes:

“All of this was stolen from the Indians…not your kind of Indians. Native American Indians.”

“Elephants don’t call it India, but they don’t speak English and I can’t understand them. So I call it India.” -Varun

“This is why Indians are taking over Math and Science” -Amelia to Luke, at the Franklin Institute (Science museum) when Kh and V were pouring over an exhibit with intense concentration

Physics is Phun!

Varun: (Talking about how students can get good marks without working hard) Indians are always willing to do favors for high marks.
Amelia: (Laughs/snorts)
Varun: What?
Amelia: Favors for high marks?! Um… (Looks around and realizes every other person in the room, all Indian, aren’t laughing)
[Later V gave me a good hint: if no one else is laughing, I probably misunderstood. I should most likely get that tattooed on my arm for future reference]

Thoughts? I love hearing from you!