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Hobby Night in Canada

Posted by on June 13, 2011

Tonight is hobby night, chez nous. This is where Varun dives into the world of electronics, and I run around making phone calls, thinking of funny things to tell Varun, watching the Canucks lose, bake, interrupt Varun, and think of everything I can to do besides schoolwork.

This man has serious concentration (he’s building some kind of machine).

I was reading my statistics textbook (until I woke up with drool all over it from my siesta) and found this rather apt comic which I think is of Varun and I. If only I had such interest in math, maybe I’d stop blogging and start reading.

"Every once in a while I just like to unwind with a little addition and subtraction"

Okay, time to sleep. Err…read my stats book.

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