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Harry Potter and the Tardy Enthusiast

Posted by on January 15, 2015

Confession: I’ve never read the Harry Potter books. That is, until about 3 weeks ago. I’m slowly realizing I’m a bit late to the party. In the late 90’s when my peers were frantically turning pages, desperate to find out what was inside the chamber of secrets and who would win the House Cup, and how Harry Potter would evade Snape again, I was reading Little House on the Prairie and Dear America, playing in tree forts and raising chickens (Yup).

Somehow, I also ended up playing ‘Quidditch’ despite the fact that I was HP illiterate. It would take an entire blog post to explain the life decisions that got me to this moment:

Playing 'Quidditch' despite the fact that I was HP illiterate. It would take an entire blog post to explain the life decisions that got me to this moment.

Of course I knew about Harry Potter; in fact, I laughed when y’all were lining up for midnight releases of the next book. But somehow I massively missed the memo. Until Christmas 2014. In response to my request for a beach book, my sister suggested I read Harry Potter. Dismissively, I acquisced.


After a few hours of Harry Potter, warm sand and the Pacific Ocean I was hooked.

Now, the problem with reading a gripping series 18 years  after its release date (I KNOW, RIGHT?!) is no one else is quite as excited as you are. I’ve spent the better part of January asking people, “Have you read Harry Potter?!” like it’s 1996 and I just discovered home internet.

Despite being a decade and a half behind the people, I’ve managed to make it this far without any spoilers. Except one: since middle school, I’ve always been likened to someone called ‘Hermione’. All I knew was she was the main girl in Harry Potter. I suppose I took this as a compliment. Until I picked up the books myself.

Description of Hermione:

bushy hair


eager to be called on in class










If gifs existed in 1999 I would insert a gif of me in middle school english: bushy ponytail with a ribbon, hand waving in case my teacher couldn’t see it. Sooo….yeah…Thanks, everyone who ever called me Hermione: we’re not friends anymore.


All of this to say, can we please talk about Harry Potter?! My ambition this winter is to Bring Harry Potter back. Since I missed the boat the first go-round, I’d really like the opportunity to rave and wonder about it with y’all. Although to be honest, picking up the next book is kind of like making a conscious decision to not be an adult for a few days. I’m halfway through book #6 and I’m wondering if I should even buy groceries or just commit to take-out for the week…

And the movies! I haven’t even started on them. Who wants to watch some movies with me?! Oh my word. I have so much catching up to do!


Have you read Harry Potter? Without giving anything away, what did you like or dislike about it? Should I watch the movies?

11 Responses to Harry Potter and the Tardy Enthusiast

  1. Vanessa

    I also was late to the Harry Potter game but perhaps not quite as late as you. The good thing about being late to something like this is that you don’t have to wait for the next book/movie to come out! You can binge-read/watch til your heart’s content!
    Jamie and I just re-watched the movies again but in blue ray. Because stuff like that matters apparently. We haven’t started the Deathly Hallows yet. But they are all so good!!! I was reminded how with each one, they do get progressively darker. Anyway, maybe you should create an online forum. Or have monthly movie watching events.

    • Amelia

      So true, Vanessa! I was just telling Varun I’m so glad I don’t have to wait a year! Monthly movie watching events–great idea! Love it!

  2. Laura Brereton

    Best books ever! 🙂 So glad you are reading them.The movies are wonderful too. And yes, just buy the take-out – groceries can wait! 🙂 Have you cried while reading any of the books yet?

    • Amelia

      Um, yes! I think i need to re-read them though. I’m reading so fast because I just have to know what happens! Halfway through the Deathy Hollows…

      • Laura Brereton

        I had to re-read them too! My sisters and I used to read them out loud and they used to get frustrated with me because I would stop mid sentence and start reading ahead to myself… And sometimes start crying 🙂 then they really wanted to know what happened!!

  3. Naomi

    This is so funny! I was one of those nerdy fans lining up for the midnight book release (in the summer after my first year of university..). I decided to re-read the Harry Potter series starting in December too! I’m currently on book 4, and watched a couple of the movies over the holidays. And I find the Hermione comparison pretty hilarious (and believable).
    Harry Potter on!

  4. Andrea

    Hi Amelia, I am really pumped to hear that you’re reading the HP series and that you’ve inhaled them so fast!!! I have a possibly unhealthy attachment to Harry, Ron and hermione and I’m currently re reading the series for about the 5th time! I personally am not too crazy about the movies, particularly the very last one but that’s because I love the author’s ending rather then the slightly changed Hollywood one…I will always talk Harry potter with you now that you’re in”the club” 🙂

  5. Rachel Seyfert

    Should I go for it? I was teaching and the kids were gaga for Harry. I couldn’t bring myself. Though I was taken on a date to a film (the second, maybe 3rd) The date never went anywhere;) Nor did my interest in the film. Should I pursue the novel? I am game, just so much to read right now that is knocking my socks off. A good series may bring me back. And yes, Amelia, I can very much believe that you were a Hermione. What a compliment!! You are gorg, smart, and can hang with the big boys!

    • Amelia

      Haha, you’re too sweet 😛 Yes, go for it, Rachel! It will be the engaging and good series you need!

  6. Krishanu

    I started on the HP books in 2003 when, I believe, the 5th book was coming out. As with all other books which were made into movies, I think the books were better. Simply because with the books I could weave my own magic kingdom (based on the books) while the movies were the director’s representation of the books. Not saying the movies were bad, just that “my version” of the movies – in my head- were better!

  7. Ying

    There’s nothing like being immersed in a good young adult book series. I really enjoyed the HP books too. Peggy and I read them around the same time and discussed whether she would let her future kids read stuff like that (no kids at that time). I concur that the movies weren’t as good – I watched them cuz the books were so good. Which is kinda how I feel about the hunger games movies too. Have you ever read that series?

    I think I’d read the books again, but I’m not as motivated to watch the films again. It’s worth it to watch it once though, and then pick your favourites that you’d watch again. 🙂

Thoughts? I love hearing from you!