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Happy Holi!

Posted by on March 27, 2013

Remember dreaming of having family-wide food fights as a kid? Well, how about a national festival where everyone throws colour at each other?! All. Day.

This is a real thing. Holi, होली, is a spring festival celebrated by Hindus as well as by Indians of other religions.

Picture 8

As you can imagine, I think the is the best festival idea ever. One of my dreams is to go to India during Holi. I mean, seriously, these kids are squirting colour out of water guns.

Picture 5

Understandably, Holi is frequently depicted in Bollywood movies. Here’s a scene from an old movie, Sholay.


Picture 14

If you’re not in India today, you’re probably not throwing colour on anyone. But here’s hoping for a day filled with amusement and joy!

Picture 4

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Have you ever celebrated Holi? Do you have any Holi memories to share?

Have you ever had a whole-family food fight?!


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2 Responses to Happy Holi!

  1. Spops

    I do remember dreaming of having family food fights, but unfortunately it was never allowed. So as most kids do when they are forbidden from doing something, I defiantly told my parents, “When I grow up, we are going to have food-fight night at my house and everyone is invited, even you. And you’ll see what you missed out on all these years.” I think instead I’ll just go to India – seriously, this is the best idea for a holiday ever.

    • Amelia

      I’m glad you remember, because you’re the one I had in mind….Yes! Let’s go to India for HOLI!!!!!

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