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Happy Blog-aversary!

Posted by on March 27, 2011

Varun and I went to two birthday parties today, one for a dog, and one for a friend. But today is also another birthday: this blog’s! Wooo! As of today, I’ve been blogging here for one year.

Recently, Varun and I were chatting…
Me (in Hindi): You’re an owl’s husband
Varun: What?!
Me: (repeated it again, in Hindi)
Varun: Why would you say that?
Me: I saw it in a Hindi movie, and it seemed funny.
Varun: That’s an insult!
Me: Why? What’s wrong with owls?
Varun: They’re the dumbest creatures!
Me: They are? What?! No. Owls are the wisest creatures.
Varun: They just sit there and go “WHO WHO”.
Me: Seriously? In every story Owls are the wise ones. Is this an India thing?
Varun: I guess. Owl’s are dumb.
Me: Oh. Oops. Sorry.

In a sense, I think this is what this blog is all about. One or both of us says something wrong/stupid/confusing/awkward/un-understandable due largely in part to culture, we laugh, we figure it out, we laugh some more. Sometimes there’s a bit more fighting and frustration than I post here. But that’s why this is a blog, and not a reality TV show (nor a window into our house). Someday, maybe Varun and I will wake up and realize we aren’t confused by each other anymore (HA!). But until that day, I’m going to keep laughing and keep blogging.

(Sorry for the sappiness, all of you who though this was just a funny blog. Sometimes (rarely) I’m serious)
(Props to my sister for sending me the mix with this, my new favorite song, on it)

To my awesomely hilarious, funny and patient husband:

11 Responses to Happy Blog-aversary!

  1. Mindy

    Hurray! Congrats 🙂

  2. Team Oyeniyi

    I empathise! The meanings can be entirely different. I was telling my husband I “had been careful” when choosing the bits of our wedding video to edit into a short summary for the MRT Appeal. He asked why had I been careful? To him, “careful” implies something is wrong (as in careful not fall off a cliff), rather than “taking care” to get something right.

    I explained. “Oooohhh – I see”, he said!

  3. Jon Chui

    Awesome post, keep em coming! Vicki & totally miss you guys in vancity (so does the rain). Seriously, just the other day we were like, man we miss the ranas…

    oh small technical thing: the video doesn’t show unless you go to youtube

  4. John

    Ahhh!! The link didn’t post!! What am I missing?!

  5. Amelia

    @ Jon and John–Good call, to view the link see:

    @Robyn–Sooo true…never realized before how many meanings things can have!

  6. Patrick

    I think that song is wonderful, even though he sort of skipped over my station in life when he zipped from 30-ish to 70-ish. The lyrics are full of humility, hope and thankfulness: great attitudes for being in a relationship.

    There were a few things about the video. For example, at 1:15, he doesn’t seem to care that his kids were just washed out to sea. Similarly, when the same thing happens to the old folks at 2:40, and he just keeps on singing. And that ph0to session at the end… he should get his meds checked! Maybe I should be a little less analytical with music videos, eh?

    • Amelia

      Dad-(funny as usual!) You know what the funniest part is? I didn’t actually watch the video before I posted it–I just wanted to share the song! I don’t think those are his children washed into the sea, I think it’s his childhood. I think the photo session is him remembering all the phases of his life and realizing it was his wife who was the constant joy throughout…if you think THAT music video was trippy/weird, don’t look at the more Pop-ish ones!!!

  7. Mindy

    Random: The title of your blog post reminds me of Strong Bad. If you don’t know who Strong Bad is, shame on you! 😉

    • Amelia

      LOVE IT! Of course I know who Strongbad is, I’m so pleased I remind you of him. For better or for worse, I think he’s sometimes one of the voices in my head as I type. For those of you who are confused, check out Strongbad and his friends here.

  8. John

    Wow…you’ve got a following. Good work. Next step…world domination.

    • Amelia

      Haha, John….World domination is already in progress: the proof is that you don’t know! MUHAHA. Thanks for stopping by the blog–and it’s inspiring it’s inception 🙂

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