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For the Love of Cricket

Posted by on February 13, 2012

I think the first time I ever heard of cricket was in London in 2005. A Very Big Cricket Tournament was happening and the city was abuzz. I remember being somewhat baffled. And years later, I married a man who somehow convinces me to wake up at odd hours to watch cricket tournaments. Life is very strange sometimes….

The other day I was telling a friend the list of my favorite Bollywood movies and I mentioned the movie Lagaan. In case you don’t know, this movie is basically a giant cricket match. With singing and dancing. She bemoaned her boredom with the sport. I couldn’t help but laugh. This same fabulous friend shared this link with me today of “How Cricket Looks to Most People. She aptly noted, “And, just like a true cricket match, I only made it through about 3 minutes of it.”

Can you watch all 5 minutes?



Getting back to Lagaan. This is a great movie, people. It features Aamir Khan, whom we love. It has a creative and inspiring soundtrack. And, it has a white girl. (And cricket. But that’s just a small detail.)

3 Responses to For the Love of Cricket

  1. Miranda

    Hahahaha! It’s amazing how Aamir makes everything better, though, eh? Even cricket.

  2. Naomi

    Lagaan was my first Bollywood movie! Love it 🙂

  3. Team Oyeniyi

    Cricket – I live in a household that just doesn’t get the game at all – yet! A couple of them are trying it out at school!

    Tell Varun I like it very much – but I am an Aussie!

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