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December Resolutions

Posted by on December 1, 2011

December 1. Just think, in one month…shopping, Christmas, advent, 2011–it will all be behind us. We’ll be sitting at the kitchen table staring at leftover nachos and scratching out a list of resolutions for 2012. Did you know that most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions in mid-February? Well, I have decided that December is the new January.

It’s time for December Resolutions.

I don’t know about you, but in this house, Christmas starts on American thanksgiving. This means for one month, our shopping, eating, sleeping and social habits turn into exceptions. I buy Starbucks (because it’s Christmas and I have to have a mint mocha..tis the season, right?), we eat out more, we buy presents, watch (too many) movies and attend parties, concerts and of course, trek to my parents house. While I love the chaos, I don’t want the first week of January to be one of “OMG. What just happened?” as I survey dirty laundry and unwatered plants and an extra 5 lbs.

I’ve given this about one day’s worth of thought. It’s not too elaborate, but here is my resolution: moderation. I resolve to celebrate Christmas primarily as the remembrance of Christ’s birth, and to do so in a moderate and balanced fashion.

I’m not exactly sure what this means (which is a great set-up for failure in the resolution department. But it’s 11 pm and nothing intelligent happens for me after 10 pm.), but I think it will mainly be in four areas:

Sleep. Somehow December usually means sleep-deprivation. Papers, exams, travel, LOTR marathons, New Year’s Eve…this year I’ll endeavor to not have too many all-nighters, and remember that I do in fact, require sleep.

Food. Christmas baking can reach Olympic proportions in this family. I resolve to remember that food is yummy and tasty and that I really don’t NEED to eat a batch of ginger cookies to “tide myself over” before dinner. Food is enjoyed slowly and in moderation. Even Peppermint Joe-Joe’s.

Money. I hate the mall. I hate my visa bill on January 15. I hate buying presents made by enslaved children in Africa or India. I resolve to carefully consider my purchases, buy second-hand, local, free-trade or to give gifts of donations to meaningful charities.

Love. Christmas is the time to remember that Love “came down at Christmas“. I want to spend time getting to know God and preparing to really celebrate. I want to spend time sharing my hopes and fears and joys with my family, not cutting off strangers in the mall parking lot.

Ambitious? I think so. [Also, this song is beautiful. And the album is fantastic. Mad props to my brother, John, for introducing me to High Street Hymns]

I’m curious, what do you want to do this December? I should warn you, I’ve just rediscovered the poll option. It’s might be a pretty poll-filled (?!?!) month.

3 Responses to December Resolutions

  1. becca

    Those sound like great resolutions to me – Christmas season really is so crazy!

  2. Team Oyeniyi

    GREAT fireworks! No resolutions from me, I’ve done enough this year already!

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