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Culture Shock Ontario

Posted by on August 17, 2010

While most people strive to live lives of stability and low-stress, Varun and I seem to crave a high degree of confusion. As such, we accepted a job for Varun in Ontario 16 days before we had to be there. Yup, with just 372 hours of warning we packed everything, said goodbye to our friends and moved across the country.

Our last two weeks in Vancouver were packed with chaos, ethnic food and friends, which is perhaps the triumvirate in our family. While Varun worked full time up until the day before our move, I frantically packed boxes, cancelled subscriptions and arranged transport for myself, Varun and 20 rubbermaid containers. We consumed more than 5 green tea ice cream bubble tea’s each and had sushi too many times to count. And our favorite shawarma. And our favorite szechuan chinese food. And so on.

Maybe it was the lack of sleep or the choked back emotions, but as we moved, it seemed we were experiencing culture shock together.

Things we’ll miss about Vancouver:
1. Friends!
2. Mountains
3. Warmish winters
4. Sushi (cheap and good)
5. Pine trees
6. Compost and bike-friendly city

Things We’ve Found Surprising about Ontario:
1. Milk in a bag (I know, right?!)
2. Lack of good transit
3. Humidity
4. Cheap and excellent Caribbean food

2 Responses to Culture Shock Ontario

  1. Jill

    I was surprised by the milk in plastic baggies too! I miss milk jugs already . . .
    I was also surprised by how many brick buildings there are here.

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