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Christmastime Can be Chaotic and Confusing

Posted by on December 17, 2010

A few weeks ago, we were playing Taboo and Varun’s card said, “Nutcracker”. He had to get John and I to guess what the card was.

Varun: Amelia is excited about this. It sounds scary and painful.
(Confused silence)
Amelia: Nutcracker!!!

Earlier that week I had tried explaining it was a ballet about candy and toys and dreams coming true, but we couldn’t get past the title….


Friend: …And we’ll be in NYC for New Year’s eve.
Varun: We’ll be there too!
Friend: We should hang out. We can watch the ball drop together!
Varun: WHOA! Wait a minute! Whose ball is dropping?!


(As I mentioned in a previous post, the concept of mistletoe is difficult to explain.)

Friend: So we went hunting and I taught her, and she shot mistletoe.
Me: What? You can shoot mistletoe? I’m confused.
Varun: Mistletoe….?
Friend: It’s actually grows on trees and I cut down bunches and bring it to my Mom.
(Somehow someone says something about it being a fungus. Meanwhile I’m confused about how you shoot a plant and Varun is stuck on what exactly mistletoe is.)
Me: Varun, remember that plant I was telling you about that you hang up and kiss under?
Varun: So it’s a fungus that you hang up and it helps with conception?
(Chaos ensues as we laugh and try to make sense out of the conversation)

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