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Chocolate or Water?

Posted by on February 8, 2011

I love chocolate. I crave it daily. Really though, it’s a privilege to crave sweets. Did you know that one in eight people doesn’t have access to clean drinking water? That’s astounding!

During my first visit to India, I was haunted by the faces of little children who came begging up to the car window at traffic lights motioning for food and water. While I know that there is much violence, corruption and deceit around begging, I also know that more than half of Indians live in poverty.

My heart breaks even uploading these pictures. Upon hearing of poverty, we often wonder, What can I do? Should I give money to beggars? Well, this is your chance to help out. Charity:water provides people around the world with clean drinking water, and this Valentine’s Day, you can too! Check out their website and consider buying a bracelet to support clean water campaigns; it’s cute and meaningful–a great gift with lasting impact. Giving water may not be as glamorous as chocolate, but it certainly is an excellent way to celebrate a day that’s all about LOVE.

Thoughts? I love hearing from you!